Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are hours (or parts of hours) you spend acquiring or enhancing the skills and knowledge required to effectively and ethically do your job. These are for anyone including speech-language pathologists, speech-language therapists, licensed professional counselors, voice and singing teachers, choir directors, music theatre directors and more.

Professional Development Hours (according to the American Speech Language Hearing Association or ASHA) DO include continuing education activities like CEUs, but also things like professional seminars, state association workshops, employer-sponsored in-services, business & management content, teacher-oriented content, college or university course work.

Professional Development Hours for speech-language pathology MUST be within the scope of practice in speech-language pathology or be related to any area of clinical practice or meet the definition of professional development (ASHA's Professional Development standards include having a topic that is related to science or contemporary practice of SLP or Audiology or speech/language/hearing sciences AND have the ability to be documented by a certificate of attendance from a third party like an employer, educational institution or sponsoring organization.)

Professional Development Hours DO NOT include volunteer work, work experiences, business meetings, clinical work experience, or association membership.

Professional Development Hours count towards maintaining a Certificate of Clinical Competence, which is offered and maintained through ASHA. 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are tracked by ASHA and only awarded by ASHA. They are counted as tenths of a point, where 0.1 CEU is the same as 1 hour of PDH. Members of ASHA can pay a yearly fee for ASHA to track CEUs on their website OR members can track their own PDHs by collecting the certificates of attendance. Organizations that are "Approved ASHA CE Providers" pay ASHA a yearly fee and spend time submitting courses to ASHA for pre-approval that follow a certain protocol. These providers spend time tracking attendance to their courses, and spend time reporting attendance to ASHA in a certain reporting format. There are fines for the provider if reporting is not completed in a certain format. This is time consuming and costly for the provider. Approved ASHA CEU Providers are not vetted for conflict of interest, however they do have to go through a lengthy, expensive and time-intensive process for applying to be an "Approved ASHA CE Provider" and to maintain that status including meetings and action plans with ASHA.

Continuing Education is anything that you learn about your profession outside of your original school program. Most states require license holders, like for speech-language pathology, to obtain continuing education each time your license is renewed. Some states require that any continuing education requirements for renewing state licensure be obtained from entities that are approved by ASHA, so check with your state licensure board to better educate yourself what 'approved' means and how it applies to the continuing education you receive.

Continuing education is important for anyone seeing clients or patients for voice habilitation or rehabilitation. It's important to know what changes in business administration may be beneficial to a private practice owner. It's important to know about current topics and include research study findings and peer-reviewed sources within education opportunities.

Passaggio is a singing term that means "transition" or "passage" in Italian. It describes the transition or break between the lower singing register and the higher one. We at ATEMPO Voice Center chose the name PassaggioEducation because we wanted our educational content to be the passageway to learning. Historically, singers sometimes feel a "break" in the passaggio, and with continued training that "break" becomes smoother. We want our courses to create a smooth transition for learning the things you didn't know before, and to support you as you transition to becoming confident about new information. 

Our course catalog includes multiple free courses as well as paid courses. We offer on-demand courses in our catalog, and we will be providing live offerings as well. 

Because of the digital nature of our offerings, we do not currently offer refunds. However, if you have a situation that is extraordinary, please email us at 

I use a different service to host these online, on-demand video courses. Because of this, you'll have a different "log-in" process for viewing continuing education courses on the passaggioeducation website.

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Thanks for growing with me as I try to offer the knowledge I have, the knowledge I seek and my passion for sharing voice science in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. I truly appreciate you.