Survival of the (Fittest) Most Balanced

An Introduction Into Private Practice for Speech-Language Pathologists (1.75 hours of PDH)

Course Summary

Private practice can be a lucrative, but challenging space to navigate as a speech-language pathologist, as we don’t have a business course within the curriculum usually at the undergraduate or the graduate level. This presentation covers how starting a private practice may look, considerations before making decisions, cost structure, business structure, referral sources, payment model options including how to pay the business costs AND how you receive payment from patients. It also includes an overview of claim submission and superbills, as well as documentation needs.

From what direction you want your business to take, to structuring and marketing what you've made, Kristie Knickerbocker M.S. CCC-SLP shares her lived experiences with private practice as a speech-language pathologist. You'll leave with suggestions to get things going immediately after watching this course!

Learning Objectives:  
Viewers will be able to list 3 considerations when planning to start a private practice
Viewers will be able to differentiate between payment options like medicare, commercial insurance, and private pay  
Viewers will be able to understand the ideas behind cost structure and business structure when relating to a SLP specific private practice

This course is not a substitute for proper medical care from a licensed professional. If you are experiencing a change in voice quality or how it feels to vocalize, please make an appointment with an ENT, Laryngologist or voice-specialized SLP.

Download your Certificate of Completion once finished viewing, and keep with your records in case you're ever audited by your state or national association.
Make sure you add 1.75 hours of PDH somewhere on the certificate for this specific course.

Course Curriculum

Kristie Knickerbocker

Kristie Knickerbocker, MS, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and singing voice specialist in Fort Worth, Texas. She evaluates and rehabilitates voice, upper airway disorders and swallowing at her private practice, ATEMPO Voice Center, and lectures on voice science internationally. She is a classically trained mezzo soprano with a minor in vocal performance from Texas Christian University. She has collaborated on and authored multiple peer reviewed published research articles about her community-based voice specialty clinic. She continues to develop a line of instantly downloadable voice assessment and voice therapy materials on TPT or her ATEMPO voice center website. Follow her on Pinterest, on Instagram or like her on Facebook.

Stephanie T.


Everything is broken down to be easily understood. Would absolutely recommend this resource!

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Survival of the (Fittest) Most Balanced

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  • An Introduction Into Private Practice for Speech-Language Pathologists

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