Videostroboscopy & Laryngeal Imaging Training Course Online & On-Demand (2.5 hours of PDH)

Course Summary

Voice assessment tools continue to advance, and laryngeal videostroboscopy exams are one way we can better understand vibratory dynamics and how the larynx is working. Speech-language pathologists can use this tool to assess and treat their patients while also educating them on the inner workings of the voicebox. Training is challenging for licensed SLPs and students alike because it is a specialty exam and not many university institutions offer training within their undergraduate or graduate programs, and employers may not have the means to provide in-house training for their staff.

Let Kristie Knickerbocker and her 10+ years of videostroboscopy experience guide you through the different types of videostroboscopy scopes, rationale for use, cleaning and disinfection procedures, analysis and rating for video footage, documentation ideas, billing and reimbursement tips and self efficacy. Videostroboscopy is an essential skill for anyone treating voice and upper airway disorders, and we've made training available right here on-demand.

    • Viewers will be able to describe videostroboscopy equipment, how to clean it and how to administer it to successfully assess and treat voice and upper airway disorders and differences

    • Viewers will be able to discuss stroboscopic examination procedures in detail for use during diagnosis and treatment of voice and upper airway disorders and differences

    • Viewers will be able to familiarize themselves with different types of rules & regulations for use of videostroboscopy, as well as how to document and bill for the procedure

    • Viewers will be able to describe how the speech-language pathologist can utilize videostroboscopy and laryngeal imaging to guide treatment planning and provide feedback to patients

    • Viewers will be able to discuss the different types of self-efficacy required to perform videostroboscopy and ideas how to nurture this within themselves for better patient outcomes

This course is not a substitute for proper medical care from a licensed professional. If you are experiencing a change in voice quality or how it feels to vocalize, please make an appointment with an ENT, Laryngologist or voice-specialized SLP.

Download your Certificate of Completion once finished viewing, and keep with your records in case you're ever audited by your state or national association. Make sure you add the number of hours of Professional Development Hours (PDH) somewhere on the certificate for this specific course.  

Make sure you remember to expand the screen to view the videos. This allows for optimum views of text on the screen. :) 

Course Curriculum

Kristie Knickerbocker

Kristie Knickerbocker, MS, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language pathologist and singing voice specialist in Fort Worth, Texas. She evaluates and rehabilitates voice, upper airway disorders and swallowing at her private practice, ATEMPO Voice Center, and lectures on voice science internationally. She is a classically trained mezzo soprano with a minor in vocal performance from Texas Christian University. She has collaborated on and authored multiple peer reviewed published research articles about her community-based voice specialty clinic. She continues to develop a line of instantly downloadable voice assessment and voice therapy materials on TPT or her ATEMPO voice center website. Follow her on Pinterest, on Instagram or like her on Facebook.

Melanie B.


As someone who has done stroboscopy for a few years already, this course provided confirmation and confidence in current skills and supplemented with more information, tips and tricks, and improvements in analysis/documentation. I appreciated the inclusion of supplemental material (videos, images, etc.) to help with complete understanding, and Kristie masterfully navigates the new or practicing clinician through the ins and outs of stroboscopy. She does not shy away from the parts of the exam we don't always talk about - very helpful. Excellent course, definitely worth the view - especially for a novice or hopeful new stroboscopist!

Sara M.


Ready, Set, Strobe is a thorough overview of videostroboscopy from the perspective of a Speech-Language Pathologist. This course provided a deep-dive into both rigid and flexible videostroboscopy, including side by side imaging, tips on how to handle/hold both strobes and patient posture modifications to prevent gagging, examples of different anomalies/dysfunctions, converted medical terminology to use in both reports and for patient education, and guidance on how to maintain the longevity and sanitization of the strobe. Additionally, there were several helpful bonus materials included such as information regarding billing and reimbursement, topical anesthetics, specific state regulations/requirements for performing videostroboscopy, and how to create a log to accurately document usage and sanitization of the strobe. I would highly recommend this course to any SLP that is interested in pursuing videostroboscopy.

Dorothy Y.


For anyone who wants to learn more about videostroboscopy, this course is for you! I had been looking for an online videostroboscopy course for a while and was so happy to have found this one. Kristie provides clear instruction on all things videostroboscopy including setting up the equipment, administering an exam successfully, troubleshooting, and analyzing and documenting your exam findings. This course exceeded my expectations and equipped me with skills that I could implement the next day into my practice. You won't be disappointed!

Kerry L.


This course was just what I needed. Kristie teaches in a way that is informative, interesting, and easy to grasp. I already strobe patients but had been using a different note format. I enjoy the format Kristie presents and have changed my note template to reflect this. I personally found the most benefit from the analysis and documentation sections of the course. I hope Kristie comes out with an advanced strobe interpretation course in the future. I will be the first person to sign up!

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  • Videostroboscopy & Laryngeal Imaging Training Course Online & On-Demand

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